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"He (Manu) didn’t need to be managed at all; I hired him to fix my swimming pool pump, and he did a good job. He was on time, and he is engaging. I never had any problem with him, and he is very committed to his job, which he does thoroughly.”
“There’s nothing better than a service provider who shows care and makes the best effort to provide the best service. I’m really happy to be repeat customer of Pool Sure.”
“Manu installed a pool light at my house, and he did a great job l am happy with his services. He is a professional who knows his job. The job was perfectly done, and it was completed on time l highly recommend his services to other people.”
Windsor Glen, Randburg
“Manu came to check why the pool suction was not working. He discovered that it was a loop that was not fitted properly. He fixed the error and the function is working perfectly.”
“Manu changed the pool sand for me. So far the pool is working fine and I am happy with his services. I did not face any challenges with Manu’s work."
“If you are looking for a pool service "whisperer", look no further than Pool Sure Services. Johan, Manu and the team has transformed my swimming pool with their professional and reliable pool maintenance / cleaning services 😁. I have been struggling alone for years to get my pool right and low and behold, almost gave up 🙊. Enter Pool Sure Services and the magic happened. Beautiful, clean, sparkling pool week in and week out. I am soo happy and impressed with their services 🤗. They also do all sorts of swimming pool repairs. Please contact them for the best service."
Johannesburg North
“Pool Sure have been maintaining my pool for the last three months, and it is worth every single cent! They go out of their way to ensure my pool is perfect, sparkly blue and swimmable every day.”
“I called him in the morning, and he came in the afternoon very quickly. I had briefed him on what I wanted to be fixed on my swimming pool, and he came with the part. He is very efficient and effective. What I liked about him is after replacing the part which was broken he tested it several times to make sure it was now working perfectly before he left. It was something on the heat pump. I would use him again in the future, I was happy with his services, and I highly recommend him.”
Douglasdale, Johannesburg
“I hired him to have a look at my pool pump, which was not working well. He did a very good job though I was not there, but ever since he replaced the broken part, the pump is running smoothly. He proved that he is knowledgeable about his job and can work without being managed at all. By just using him for the first time, he showed that he is reliable, efficient, and effective, and I would use him again. I recommend him."
Parktown North, Johannesburg
“I would like to comment on Norman's exceptional professionalism while on the job. He was extremely helpful and took his time with me on most likely dumb questions I was asking LOL. Very rare nowadays to see individuals promoting their workplace and because of Norman I will 100% refer your company to anyone looking for assistance on their pool."
JP Higgins
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