Covid Policy

Covid Readines Document and Policies

1. Covid Readines Document and Policies

    • 4 Employees (2 Full-time and 2 part-time)
    • R100 000/m before lockdown

2. Employees permitted to work

    • Manager
    • Operational Manager
    • One technician/team-leader
    • One team member

3. Plans for phased-in return to work

    • Phase 1: Manager opens shop and prepare COVID-readiness.
    • Phase 2: Technicians are told to come in as necessary.
    • Phase 3: Technicians are required to work full-time when 80% capacity is reached, and COVID regulations permit.

4. Health protocols to protect employees (to be read with Addendum 1 and 2)

    • Daily scanning with thermometer.
    • Promoting physical distancing when employees are on premises.
    • Employees use designated mugs.
    • Mandatory wearing of cloth masks:
      • implementing according to guidelines provided to manager.
      • daily reminder of safe use of masks.
    • Availability of sanitizer in vehicle.
    • Sanitizing of hands when entering and exiting shop.
    • Sanitizing of hands when entering and exiting work sites.
    • Regular sanitizing of shop, toilet and workshop includes:
      • Washing of floor
      • Sanitizing of countertops, doors and door frames, handles, taps, remotes and keys.
    • Employees should immediately inform the employer if they experience any COVID 19 symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, body aches, redness of eyes, loss of smell or taste, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue, weakness, tiredness

5. Health protocols to protect vulnerable workers (to be read with Addendum 3)

    • No employee is defined as vulnerable.

6. Health protocols to protect customers and visitors (to be read with Addendum 2)

    • Mandatory wearing of masks by empolyees and customers/visitors.
    • Mandatory sanitising of hands by customers/visitors on entering shop.
    • Ensuring physical distancing by:
      • Observation by compliance officer
      • Employees and customers/visitors are prohibited from touching.
      • Customers/visitors may not enter the work areas behind counters.
    • Regular cleaning of shop as above.
    • Mandatory sanitising of card machine before and after use.

7. COVID Compliance officer

    • Operational Manager: Manu Pieters (phone 064 003 0920)
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