Safety (Advice)

Pool covers are a tried and tested safety measure

An accident can happen in the blink of an eye and parents’ biggest concern with pools is, ‘How do I keep my child safe?’

The oldest way to ensure pool safety is closing the pool off with a fence or wall, but a gate can easily be mistakenly left open, or a gate latch might be broken, and a child or pet might still fall into the pool.

Another way to prevent accidents is to cover your pool with a net. A net can hold up to 150kg and is installed 10 to 15cm above the water level and supported with floaters. Keep the water level constant and remember to replace your net around every 5 years.

Pool covers such as canvas covers look great and can also be used as a safety measure, but they can be a bit pricy. For more options on solid pool covers, have a look at Honeydew Nets.

Note: Bubble covers are the new trend, but please remember that they are not a safety device. Chances are, if your child falls in, he/she will struggle to get out, even if he/she can swim and you won’t be able to see him/her beneath the cover.

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